How Sunridge’s apartment complex became the NFL’s hottest place to live

Sunridge apartments in San Diego are the NFL-branded high-rise apartments that were so popular with players that owner Jeff Wilpon decided to open his property for rent.

Now, it’s become the NFLs hottest spot to live.

Sunridge is located at 810 N. San Diego St., just a block from the NFL headquarters, the Chargers’ training facility and the team’s stadium.

The building is a perfect blend of amenities and privacy, with a master bedroom, kitchenette, two bathrooms and an entire parking garage.

Sunrise’s resident population is over 1,000, with condos and one-bedroom units at a price tag of $2,700 per month.

The apartments are open to the public for 30 days a year and include security cameras, a security door and security gates.

Sunrises in San Francisco are more expensive than in Sunridge, but Sunridge rents are more affordable, with Sunridge renting out four units for $2.1 million a month.

Sunset’s Sunset apartment complex has a similar feel to Sunridge but is more centrally located, with apartments priced at $2 million a year.

A Sunrise spokesman told CBS San Diego that the building rents for one to two years and is also open to renters, with some of the amenities including a fitness center and private courtyard.

Sunlake also has a second location in the Los Angeles area, but there are no Sunrises located in San Gabriel Valley.

The Sunset complex has several restaurants, including Sunrise Burger and Sunrise Bistro.

The restaurants have both been popular with athletes and locals, and the complex is also home to a popular basketball court, which is one of the most popular in the area.

There is also a pool in Sunset, and a tennis court nearby.

Residents who want to stay close to home can rent a suite on the first floor, where Sunrise apartments are located.

Sunroes Sunset apartments are available to rent for two to five years at a monthly rate of $3,800 a month, according to a spokesman for Sunridge.

The property has several large parking lots in the complex, and Sunridge has an extensive security system that includes cameras, video surveillance and video-collision detection systems.

The area is very walkable and close to amenities, and many residents choose to live in the neighborhood because it is so close to the NFL HQ.

Sunriver residents also enjoy a golf course in the San Gabriel valley, which has been the site of multiple professional golf tournaments.

SunRiver’s Sunset Apartments are in the Sunriver District, which includes Sunriver, La Palma and other Sunriver neighborhoods.

The complex also has an office building and a parking garage on the site, but residents are not allowed to live there because the building is currently undergoing renovation.

The buildings rents for a monthly rent of $1,500 a month and includes security cameras.

The parking lot is open to parking.

The Sunriver complex has two Sunriver apartments at 765 N. California Ave., which is adjacent to the SunRiver District.

The unit rents for $1.5 million a quarter and includes a pool and an outdoor patio.

Sunrivers Sunset apartments include a fitness facility, tennis courts and a spa.

The complexes rent for a one-time rent of three to five months, according, the spokesman.

SunRivers Sunset Aparts are available for one month at a time at a $1 million monthly rate, according.

The properties is in the Sunset District, an area with lots of retail and restaurants.

Residents can also rent suites on the ground floor for $5,000 a month at the SunRiver apartment complex.

Residents pay $1 per day for a parking spot.

SunResorts Sunset Apartions are located at 495 S. California Avenue.

Sunresorts is the first property to be built in the district and the largest property in the city of Sunriver.

The sprawling complex has an expansive parking lot, with lots at different elevations and an indoor basketball court.

Sun Resorts Sunset apartments also have a fitness area and a sports field.

Sun Valley apartments are the second-most expensive in the country, according in the latest report from Real Estate Research Associates.

The median asking price is $1 a square foot, according the report.

SunValley is located just west of downtown Los Angeles.

It is located in the Valley of the Sun, which sits on the banks of the Los Padres River.

The Valley of Sun is home to some of Los Angeles’s best restaurants, bars and shops, including the Sun River Village.

It also has many other amenities, including a spa, fitness center, a fitness hall and a playground.

Sunvalley’s Sunset apartments rent for $3.5 to $4 million a unit, according an associate with the real estate research company.

The condos are located in one of Sun Valley’s most popular shopping districts, where it is popular with celebrities and tourists alike.

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