What it is like to live in a new beach apartment in Long Beach

I am standing on the deck of the ocean liner Oceanic 845 and looking at the sand dunes that stretch across the ocean and down toward the sea.

This is the Long Beach coastline.

I am one of the lucky ones, as I have been on this boat for almost three weeks now.

It is the first time in my life I have ever been on a ship.

The boat is named Oceanic, after the ship’s captain, who is named after the sea that the Oceanic is sailing in.

The Oceanic carries nearly 3,000 people, and is part of a larger vessel that is being operated by the International Maritime Organisation.

The ocean liner is the world’s largest vessel that can transport passengers between the Caribbean and Europe.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the international organisation responsible for regulating and supervising the international shipping industry.

The vessel is also part of the United Nations-affiliated International Maritime Transport Association, which is responsible for the safe transport of cargo between ships.

This week, I boarded the Oceanics cruise ship to Long Beach.

The crew and passengers were greeted by the sea, as the ship sailed into the harbor.

The ship is the largest cruise ship in the world.

The entire boat is made of wood, with a wood deck, leather-wrapped seating on the center deck and a metal deck.

The deck is filled with sand and gravel, with sandbags along the edge of the sand and a watertight container to keep the sand in place.

The sand is a mix of fine particles and large, heavy sand grains.

It has a texture like sandpaper, with rough edges.

The sea is the backdrop to the Oceanican, and the crew and the passengers all look out from the deck to the water.

The beach is the closest to the shoreline, and you can see the coastline from the boat.

The view from the Oceanian is a combination of the view from a boat on land, and a boat in the water, and both are good.

But, the Oceanicans main purpose is to travel.

There is a big difference between a cruise ship and a commercial cruise.

Cruise ships have a lot of people onboard, and there is a lot going on in the ocean.

On land, there are lots of people, but they are mostly tourists.

The people on board are mostly locals, and they are usually in their own homes.

You can see their faces, but you are not able to see their emotions.

The passengers are mostly crew members, who are looking for work or something else.

The most important thing on board is food, and we do not have the luxury of having our own food on board.

The guests are mostly people who are going to visit Long Beach for the first or second time, and are looking to get out of the city for the time being.

There are also many tourists on board who come to Long Bay to see the city.

There have been a lot more tourists since we left Long Beach last year.

It’s been a really busy year.

We have had a lot to do and have not been able to do much.

We’re not going to get to see it in this capacity again, but we do have the chance to come back.

The city has been a real tourist draw in the last two years.

There was a record 1.5 million people who came to Long Bays in the first three months of 2018.

The tourism industry in Long Bay is growing, and now, more than ever, Long Beach has become a tourist destination.

In the past year, we have seen a lot new businesses and new things come to the city, such as the arrival of the cruise ship Oceanic.

It brings people together and brings people back.

So, I have seen people come from all over the world to see Long Beach, and I think we have made the city a great place to live.

I also think that the new technology has really made the economy a lot better.

When you have a large population, the new technologies have really brought a lot people together.

We were very lucky last year when the cruise ships came in, and also when the oceanic came in.

I was able to take my daughter and my daughter’s brother to Long Island and they were very excited to be able to go on board the Oceanica.

They said, “Dad, we are going on board Oceanic.”

I said, okay, it’s the most fun.

“They were very happy to see me, but the first thing that I noticed was that the food was good.

They had a nice dinner, and it was really tasty.

And then, as soon as I left, the food started to taste a lot worse.

I said to my wife, I’m going to have to buy some fresh fish.

The food had really deteriorated.

We had to bring fresh fish to get our fix.

And I was like, well, that’s fine, we’ll just have to eat some fish

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