What you need to know about the new townhouses in NYC

NEW YORK — The first phase of a $1.8 billion development is set to begin construction next month on a new townhouse apartment complex at the site of a former fire station, which is located on the northern tip of Manhattan.

The project will include approximately 600 units of single-family and one-bedroom apartments for the middle-income and upper-middle-income families, the developer announced Monday.

The 1.5-acre project is located just west of the current East Side High School campus.

The development will be located just east of a historic and modern historic fire station at 1st Avenue and East River Street. 

The site is currently home to the West End District of the Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Manhattan Public Library.

The developer has set a target for completion of the project by the end of the year.

Construction is expected to start in 2020. 

“This development is a bold step forward in our city’s transformation,” said Michael C. Azzopardi, the project’s executive vice president.

“It will create thousands of jobs in the city of New York and will provide new affordable housing for our residents.

We are committed to providing these families with the resources and support they need to remain in their homes and neighborhoods.”

This is a historic project, and we are thrilled that the community is committed to its preservation and future,” he said.

Construction on the new project is expected in 2020, and the project is scheduled to have completion by the middle of 2021.

The developer said that this project will provide thousands of affordable housing units, which will be housed in two buildings, one at the former fire site on 1st Ave.

and East river Street and the other on the current site.

The former fire field was a fire station built in 1890 by the New York City Fire Department.

The units will include three bedrooms and two bathrooms, according to the developer. 

Each unit will be equipped with an indoor heated pool and a large outdoor shower, and there will be a shared kitchen, laundry room, and laundry facilities, according the developer’s press release.

The building will be accessible via a new pedestrian bridge, a walkway between the site and the fire station.

The current site is located at the corner of 1st and East rivers Streets in the East Village. 

Construction is scheduled for the second phase of the new development, which includes an apartment building on the site.

The company said that the new apartments will be built in the same building as the current development, with approximately 300 units of rental units for middle-class and lower-income households. 

Development will also include a new parking garage at the same location, and additional underground parking. 

Building the new developments will provide additional jobs for workers at the existing fire station and the library, and will allow the development to attract other developers, the company said. 

This is the third project announced by the developer since the summer of 2017. 

In October 2017, the city approved a $2.2 billion development at the old Fire Station site, which included a $5 million development of a new high-rise apartment building.

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