When the Fairway Apartment complex goes up for sale, the condo market will be different

A lot of people want to live in luxury condominiums, but few can afford to buy the $1.3 million property.

In fact, the average cost of a five-bedroom condo in Nashville, Tennessee is $1,853, according to Zillow.

The median home price in the city is $4,917, according the Real Estate Board of Greater Nashville.

And for people looking to live on the East Coast, condos are also getting increasingly expensive.

In 2016, the median price of a one-bedroom apartment in the metro area was $1 to $1.,937, according Zillot, and the median condo price in Nashville was $3,726, according data from Realtor.com.

The average condo price is currently $1 million, but it’s expected to rise, according Realtors.

The condo market has gotten so expensive, condo buyers are starting to look elsewhere.

That’s why one condo company is getting into the real estate business. 

The Five Feet Apart Properties is a three-story apartment complex with four floors.

It’s currently owned by Zillottys owner, the Walt Disney Company. 

Five Feet Apart, which is listed for $4.9 million, is located in the downtown Nashville area.

Its location has made it a hot property in the area, according Topping the Market, which tracks the market.

The Five Feet apartments have four bedrooms and four bathrooms, according to Zilloteers data. 

“It’s one of the most popular and desirable properties in Nashville,” said John Koppelman, the chief marketing officer of Five Feet.

“We’re very excited about it.” 

According to Koppelmans data, the Five Feet apartment is located near the Waltz Tower, which was built in the mid-1950s.

There are also two parking lots that are located near Five Feet, and it’s surrounded by a landscaped courtyard. 

 “The Waltz was designed for apartments,” Koppellman said.

“It’s the most central point for pedestrians and people who walk in from the street.

That was the thinking behind the design.” 

“In the 1950s, the city was looking for new, urban places,” Kappelmans said.

The Waltz Towers were the most visible example of the trend. 

One of the major reasons the Waltzy Towers are popular is that they are a mix of architecture and design.

They’re both modern and historic. 

As a result, the property is a mix between the two, Koppall said. 

In addition to the tower and the surrounding parkland, the Four Seasons is a popular destination for visitors, according Koppill. 

And the apartments are all located close to downtown. 

At Five Feet’ headquarters, Kappelman said the company has two offices. 

On a sunny day, the lobby is lit up with a large screen that shows a wide variety of local sports, entertainment, and news. 

Koppelman said one of his favorite features of the complex is its pool.

The pool has a variety of amenities, including heated sand volleyball, ping-pong tables, and darts. 

Some of the apartments have balconies that can overlook the pool, and there is a rooftop bar. 

According Topping the Market, Five Foot Apart has been listed for around $4 million. 

Read more about Five Feet and their property: Fivefeet Apart Properties Listing Image

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