Housing is back on the rise in California

California’s housing market is finally starting to show some signs of life after a major housing bust in 2010 left tens of thousands of people homeless.

The number of housing units in the state hit a record high last year, according to data released Wednesday by the National Association of Realtors.

But it’s not just the new listings that are picking up, as the number of listings on the market is now just over 1,200 units.

“The market is starting to come back,” said Tom Coyle, the chief economist at RealtyTrac.

“It’s not necessarily the number, it’s the number coming in.

There’s still a significant amount of inventory in the market, but there are some significant increases.”

The average price of a home in California has risen more than 60% since the end of the housing bust.

That was more than double the national average.

According to the Realty Trac report, the average price for a new home in 2016 was $1,965,939.

The average for all units was $3,749,564.

But while the national housing market has been improving, the national market for apartment homes has not.

In fact, the number listing apartments for sale in California is still way below the national level.

That’s because the housing market in California tends to be much more volatile than the national benchmark.

For example, if a property is listed for sale and it goes on the block and sells within a month, it could be worth hundreds of thousands more than if it was sold a year ago.

The most recent numbers released by Realtytrac showed that the median price for an apartment unit in the San Francisco Bay Area was $2,600,000.

The median price in Los Angeles was $7,000,000 and the median for the San Diego area was $9,000 , according to Realty trac.

The national average price was $6,300,000 in January.

But in California, the median home price was just over $5,000 more than in the national median.

The housing market overall has also seen some improvements in recent months, with the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Los Feliz reached $1.65 a square foot in December, according the National Assn.

of Realty Officers.

But the average cost for a three-bedroom unit in Los Padres reached $2.25 a square feet in December.

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