Why Portland is so cheap: The cheapest place to live

Portland, Oregon is an easy-to-walk, bikeable, and cheap place to buy and rent apartments.

But for those looking for a place to call home, a new report by real estate analytics firm Zillow has a few surprising things to say.

Read on to find out why.


Portland, The Home of the Bike and The Bike-Friendly City [Zillow] 1.5K Shares Share We’ve been living in Portland for nearly a decade now and are so excited to finally be living there.

Here’s why: Portland is a very bike-friendly city, thanks to the Portland Bicycle Coalition and the bike-loving citizens of Portland.

The city is also home to many great bike shops, a beautiful downtown, and some of the most amazing parks in the world.

So when you walk down the street you can see people taking photos of their bike, or riding their bikes to work.

Portland’s biking culture is one of the best around, and if you’ve ever wanted to see a bike race on the streets of Portland, you’re in luck.

Portland has also gotten a reputation for being a bike-able city, and in many cases it’s true.

There are bike racks everywhere in Portland, and a variety of bike shops offer everything from full-sized bikes to cargo bikes to full-size bikes with racks.

You can also rent bikes for $7 a day or $1,000 a month.


Portland is the Most Bike-Focused City in America [ZILLOW] 2.5k Shares Share For all the reasons that we love Portland, the city’s reputation as a bike friendly city is well deserved.

If you want to be the most bike-focused city in America, here’s where to go: If you’re looking for an affordable, safe, and fun place to rent, Portland is definitely a good place to start.

But be warned: the number one thing that you’ll notice most about Portland is its bike culture.

Bike shops are plentiful and you’ll see bike racks around the city.

You’ll also see a number of bike racks at places like BikePortland and CyclistPortland, which means you can rent bikes from a safe distance and get a feel for what you’re buying.

In addition, there are plenty of bike parking spots, so you can easily park your bike in the parking lots of your favorite bike shop or park on the sidewalk in the middle of town.

And because of the wide range of bikes in Portland you’ll be able to rent a bike for as little as $5 a day.


Portland Gets the Worst of the Worst: The Bike Friendly City Syndrome [Zilloow] 3.5% Share Share There’s an entire industry in Portland that exists to protect the interests of the wealthy, but unfortunately, this industry has also become one of Portland’s most notorious offenders.

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that Portland has a pretty high crime rate.

According to Zillows data, the average property crime rate in Portland is 14.4 per 100,000 people, while the violent crime rate is a whopping 4.7 per 100.00 people.

In other words, the Portland crime rate on average is the third highest in the nation, just behind New York City and Los Angeles.

Portland also has a higher rate of people living in poverty than any other metro area in the country.

It also has the highest percentage of people who live in poverty in the United States, which is something that should concern you.

There’s also a pretty significant portion of Portlanders who don’t own cars.

That means you’ll have to drive an average of 3,300 miles a year just to rent an apartment.

This is a great problem to have in a city that has one of, if not the highest rates of car ownership in the US. 4.

Portland Has the Most Rental Bikes in the Nation [Zillaow] 4.5 Shares Share Here are the top ten cities with the most bikes per capita.

While we’ve been talking about Portland and its high crime and poverty, let’s take a look at how the city is faring in other areas of the city as well.

1) Portland Has One of the Most Green Spaces in America: Green spaces [Zilliow] 2% Share Close You’ll probably be surprised to learn that Portland is home to the largest concentration of green spaces in the entire United States.

In fact, the City of Portland has nearly a third of its land dedicated to green spaces, with over 5,000 of them located in Portland alone.

Portlanders enjoy over 4,000 parks and more than 2,200 miles of trails.

The area of South Portland is known for its beautiful beaches, parks, and bike paths, and you can find many of these in Portland.

Additionally, Portland’s Central Park has one-of-a-kind outdoor art installations that have been creating

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