How to stop your dog from chewing on your couch


(AP) If you have a cat that chews through your couch cushions, the answer is simple: Remove it.

That’s because a study out of Illinois suggests cats have a much higher rate of chewing through the fabric of a couch cushion.

Researchers at Illinois State University found that cats, which have a high tendency to chew on the fabric, had an even higher rate when it comes to chewing through a couch mat.

The study also found that if cats are not allowed to chew through a cushions mat, they chew on a piece of carpet inside.

The study, published in the journal Veterinary Behavior, suggests cats who chew on cushions are more likely to chew at the edges of the mat.

A cat that doesn’t chew the edges is more likely than a cat who chews on the corners to bite.

“This is a very important study, because it provides evidence that cats are able to chew up a carpet, even though they may be eating through the mat,” study author Rachel L. Hwang said.

“And it also suggests that cats that are not able to take the edges are more prone to chewing up the carpet.”

Dr. Brian L. Zaremba, a professor of animal science at Illinois and a co-author of the study, said the study found that “the cat is able to eat through the rug, which makes sense because the rug is so soft.”

Cats that chew on fabric have been known to chew and damage carpeting, Lhwang said, but the new study showed that cats have the ability to chew.

“The findings here suggest that cats might chew on carpet, but it’s not clear why,” Lhwan said.

The researchers said they plan to continue the study to determine the exact reason for the cat chewing.

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