‘They were the first ones to come in’: Neighbors describe how ‘crazy’ the neighborhood changed after deadly floods

A flood washed away a neighborhood in Northeast Washington, and now residents and others are speaking out about the way the neighborhood and its residents changed after the deadly floods that devastated the area.

The flood destroyed much of the city’s historic and urban core, and left much of its residential community, along with some businesses, vacant.

The flood also left the area in a state of disrepair.

The neighborhood of Columbia Heights has remained a popular place for tourists, residents said, but it’s a different place now.

The neighborhood is not the same as it used to be, but the residents are very supportive of the residents, said Jim Clements, who lives near the home of a local business owner and works as a neighborhood planner.

“People have seen that neighborhood deteriorate and see that, they feel like they can go back,” Clements said.

“We all knew it was going to be bad, but that’s the only thing we can control.”

The river flood flooded the home where James and his wife, Lisa, have lived for two generations, and it left a swath of destruction, including homes and businesses, along the Columbia Heights corridor.

The Clements and others who live near the river said they were shocked when the floodwaters started to rise in the Columbia Hills neighborhood, and many saw their homes flooded.

The couple has lived on Columbia Heights for 20 years, and the Clements had lived on the street for two decades.

Lisa was married to James Clements for 22 years.

Their son, John, is an attorney and a student at the University of Washington.

Lisa said they had to move their home when the river flooded, and their son also moved his parents’ home because he is a student there.

Lisa said that the Cleses were not aware of the flooding until after the flood, and they didn’t know what to expect.

The Clements’ house was about 100 feet away from the river, and after the flooding, they knew the river would be there.

Lisa Clements recalled seeing the water on their street and seeing the neighborhood disappear, because it was so close to the water.

“The river was literally right up to the house, but just right behind our house,” Lisa said.

The river flooded the Cils’ home, which had a back yard, and also destroyed a garage, which is now vacant.

Lisa described the Cals as “lazy” in that they did not have much to do in the neighborhood, as there was very little business.

“I mean, this was the most miserable time of our lives,” Lisa Clements told ABC News.

The Columbia Heights neighborhood has been flooded many times before, but this flood was different, she said.

There were no trees or shrubs in the river.

There were only water jets.

They didn’t have a lot of trees growing, and we had a lot to deal with.

The water from the flood flooded an entire block of the Cables’ neighborhood, which includes the home the couple built in the 1960s.

Lisa Cules said that she remembers that her home was flooded because of the floods.

The entire street is flooded, but she said that her neighbor’s home is not affected.

“It’s like a big wave, you know?” she said of the flood.

The flooding was so bad that it was only one block away from Lisa Cables home.

The city’s flood control system flooded part of the neighborhood.

“There was a lot more than one street flooded,” she said, “because we didn’t get water in our house.

We didn’t even have the water to pump.

So, it’s really a nightmare for us.”

Jim Clements lives in the Clicks neighborhood and said he is not sure how much damage he sustained.

He said that he lives in an area that is considered to be more flood prone than Columbia Heights, and said that there are several other neighborhoods in the area that are not flooded.

Jim said that his neighbors are supportive of them.

“They’re very supportive,” he said.

“They understand that it’s not the worst of times.

It’s just one of those things that they have to deal.

But it’s an unfortunate situation.”

The flood did not affect the Cells’ neighborhood neighbors, but they did experience some problems, including the flooders not stopping.

“That flooded the streets and damaged the street,” Lisa told ABC affiliate KING 5.

“And then when they came back in, they poured water on my home, on my house, on all of the buildings,” James Cels said.

James Cles said that they saw the flooder come through their yard, but he didn’t see it.

The homeowners were able to get out of their homes, but Lisa Cools home is gone.

The family said they will never be able to rebuild.

“You just see it in your head and you know that you’re not going to come back,” Lisa

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