New York apartment search app can help you find your perfect rental home

NEW YORK — A new app that helps people find their perfect apartment in New York City is gaining traction, with apartments, condos and homes all offering similar services.

Dubbed the “Silver Creek” app, it works like a virtual tour of your apartment, including a look at the property’s amenities and a map that shows you exactly where it is.

“It’s just one place in the world where people can be connected and see where they’re going,” said Silver Creek co-founder and CEO Kevin Karpinski.

The company is based in New Jersey, but its team is based out of Vancouver, Canada.

It currently has an app for the rental market in New Zealand, Canada and South Africa, with plans to add more countries and regions in the future.

Silver Creek uses data to find your ideal apartment, Karpinksi said.

It then helps you select a location that suits your budget and preferences, such as affordability and location in the park, along with other attributes like proximity to transportation, amenities, security and parking.

“People are getting really creative with the information that they’re gathering,” Karpinkis said.

“We’ve done a lot of things that people are surprised by.”

Silver Creek is looking to expand the platform to other cities in the United States.

Karpinski said Silver Cave is the “first and only apartment search engine that’s designed specifically for renters in New Yorkers.”

For example, renters in the city can enter their zip code and it will then automatically find rental properties in their area, Kipinski said.

Silver Cave also offers a “hot list” of apartment locations in the Greater Manhattan area.

These listings are typically based on sales, vacancy rates and other factors.

For example in the Manhattan borough of Queens, a listing that is currently available at Silver Cave, and which has recently sold for $3.4 million, would be worth $5,000.

In the same area, the listing for an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan would be valued at $2.5 million.

A New York resident can find a rental property in New Yorks, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island or upstate New York by entering a zip code.

For listings in the suburbs, Kipsinski said the app will also work for areas where Silver Creek doesn’t have any listings.

For a listing in a city, the app then will tell you if the property is available and, if so, what it costs.

The app also has a “home search” feature that will let users search for properties within their neighborhood.

Kipsinski noted that Silver Creek’s rental market app has more than 200 listings and that the company will continue to expand it.

Silver Ceilings is looking at expanding the platform beyond New York to other countries and is currently looking for developers to help it launch an app in the next few months.

Karpinskis said the company is also working on other applications that would allow renters to search for apartments and apartments across the United Kingdom and Canada.

Silver Circle is based on a similar model to Silver Cave’s and will be launching its own app in a few months, Kompinski said, though he added that the two companies are “just scratching the surface.”

The Silver Creek app also offers to rent a flat-screen TV or a laptop computer from a host of partners, including Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Spotify, HBO Go and Vudu.

Kipinski, who has a degree in mechanical engineering, said he has no plans to move to Vancouver or any other cities where Silver Cave operates.

Kipinksi added that Silver Circle will be “one of the first startups in Canada that can build out a service like this.”

Karpinksis said Silver Circle plans to focus on rentals and apartments, and will work with other developers to expand to other markets in the near future.

“Silver Creek will be an awesome tool to help us grow,” Kipsinkis added.

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