Dogs walk through empty apartment for the first time in nearly a decade

BOSTON — Dogs walk around Boston’s Fenway Park this summer without ever leaving their cages, but they are still finding their way around.

It’s a remarkable achievement for a dog that can weigh up to 70 pounds, and can live on his own for years, if not decades.

For the first five weeks of this year, the dog, named Tilly, has been allowed to live out his life in a small apartment in Roxbury, Mass.

He has been on a leash, but has not been able to walk outside.

That’s because he’s a stray.

In addition to his short leash, Tilly has an extra leash for his own safety.

He was placed with a new owner in October.

It’s the first year since dogs were removed from Boston’s streets, and city leaders are hoping to bring back their presence, said Amy Foshee, a spokesperson for the city.

The dogs are an opportunity for residents to experience Boston’s wilder, more dangerous streets and to learn about their neighborhoods and the challenges they face.

Foshee said the dogs will be able to roam and play on the city’s streets.

The city has also offered them shelter, which is usually reserved for cats.

Tilly is the first of a breed of dogs to be brought back to Boston, and Foshea said they are hoping that their arrival brings back memories of the city in the 1960s.

Boston’s wild dogs have been around for years and have been used as a mascot for the area.

In the 1970s, the Boston Police Department adopted a breed that was a mix of dogs from other parts of the country and from the U.S. to help get its job done, said Foshe.

Tillys name is a nod to the citys famous street dogs, and he is the only one in Boston that was named after a street dog, she said.

The first dogs to walk on Boston streets were dogs from New York, but the breed is still a work in progress, Foshi said.

The breeders are hoping the dogs return to the streets soon.

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