MICHINEGAN — When Michael Rannells, who plays the lead role in “Curtis”, arrives at his agent’s office in Detroit, he’s excited to hear about the job he’s in.

He wants to be a writer, he says, and the agent’s not happy.

“What do you want me to do?

You’ll tell me what to do,” Rannell says to his agent, who says it’s all very professional.

Rannel and the rest of the cast of the film “Custis” are just the latest in a string of people in Hollywood who’ve used the film’s title to suggest that they are actually actors in a Hollywood production.

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times earlier this month, actor and producer Peter O’Toole said he had a contract that called for him to play “Cuntis” — a character who had an affair with his wife.

He also said that he’d be in a movie called “The Cuntis Project” — the title of which he’d written.

The “Cortise” movie, which has been released to mixed reviews, has caused a backlash in Hollywood.

Actress Nicole Kidman has tweeted her disgust at the movie.

“The movie is so bad.

It is such a travesty,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Cunts and their ‘cunt’ wives.

Shame on you, Rannels, and your producer, Paul Feig.

No one is more complicit in this than you and Paul Feige.”

Critics have also taken issue with the film.

Actress Jennifer Connelly tweeted, “I can’t believe how stupid the producers and actors of the movie are.”

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Michael B. Jordan, who has appeared in the films “A Few Good Men” and “Furious 7,” said he would be in the movie “but it would be very different.”

“Cutis” is a spoof of “Couples Therapy” which features the story of a young man who becomes involved with a woman who has a sexual relationship with her boss, an actor, and a secretary.

The film was directed by Mark Salling and stars Michael Caine and Amy Adams.

Ranna and the “CUSTIS” cast recently had a “Curbstompin'” charity concert at the Fox Theatre in New York City, where they performed a song called “Cure the Curse.”

“The show is a comedy, but the lyrics are serious,” Ranna said in a statement.

“We have been doing comedy for years, but it’s never done the same thing.”

“We’ve been doing it to raise money for the charities that are important to us, but we’ve never done it like this.

We wanted to do something that is different.”

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