How to Build a Home for the Price of a Pack of Cigarettes

There’s no need to worry about losing your apartment if you live in the Edgewater Apartments in Lincoln, NJ.

The Lincoln, New Jersey apartment building is located in a gorgeous part of the city, just outside of downtown, where it’s easy to get to work, school, and other destinations.

The property features 1,400 square feet of living space, which includes 2 bedrooms and a full kitchen and bathroom, as well as an outdoor courtyard, and a huge living room with a pool and sauna.

If you’re looking for something more intimate, you can also enjoy a deck on the ground floor and a small, 2,500-square-foot garage on the second floor.

You can take advantage of the building’s spacious backyard for a wide range of entertaining uses.

You’ll also love its proximity to the Hudson River, which is only 20 minutes away from the city.

And, the building is close to the Jersey Shore and its beaches, so you’ll be able to enjoy the amenities of the area even during the winter.

With such a large space and the amenities it offers, you won’t regret moving into the Edelson Apartments!

The home’s amenities include a rooftop pool, sauna, fitness center, gym, yoga studio, and laundry room.

There’s even a full-size indoor swimming pool that can be used for hot tubs or picnics.

This large, two-story home comes complete with an exclusive elevator to the rooftop deck.

The penthouse features four bedrooms, three baths, a full bath, and five bathrooms.

The three-story unit is a fantastic place to stay if you’re planning to stay in Lincoln for the long haul, or if you just want to enjoy your vacation in the best possible location.

You could also live here in your own private penthouse suite.

There are two large decks in the penthouse, each with its own private balcony, with the balcony seating up to 15 people.

There is also a full deck on each side of the home, allowing you to enjoy all the amenities.

This penthouse is perfect for a weekend getaway, so be sure to make reservations early!

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