Crystal Lake apartment near me is now home to a new resident

A new resident is living in a Crystal Lake Apartment near me.

I went to a recent event and noticed there was a lot of activity.

One of the most noticeable things that caught my eye was a woman on a broom sitting in her bedroom with a book on her lap.

I noticed that there was someone sitting at the table in the kitchen.

She had a small cup of coffee and was reading a book.

She said to me, “Hi, I’m Anna.

I live here.”

I asked her if she was from Seattle.

She replied, “Yeah, I am.”

I asked what she was reading.

She answered, “I like fantasy.”

I then asked if she had a boyfriend.

She said yes.

I asked if he was a member of the Seattle Seahawks.

She responded, “Oh yeah, I love football.”

She then gave me directions to the bathroom.

When I got there, I realized that this woman was not alone in her apartment.

There were also two women and a man in the living room.

I noticed that the woman in the bedroom was reading some sort of novel.

At this point, I had my camera out and was recording this scene from a distance.

The man in his living room was watching the television.

He said to the woman sitting in the bathroom, “That’s what we call a fake.”

The woman replied, with a smile, “Yes, that is.”

She then said, “So, do you want to watch me?”

I replied, yes.

She asked, “Do you want me to have a cup of tea with you?”

I replied yes.

Then the woman asked, “[Anna]?”

I answered, yes, she said.

This is where things got interesting.

As soon as the woman finished her coffee, she went to the door.

She walked past me and grabbed the door handle.

I could see the woman behind the door trying to get her to get the door open.

I walked over to the other side of the door, got her out of the bathroom and opened the door for her.

At first, the woman was just smiling and joking around.

But as soon as she started laughing, I was stunned.

 I then asked her, “You are the new resident?”

She replied with a smirk, “It’s just me.”

She then began to make eye contact with me.

She then asked me, “[Are you] Anna?”

I asked, yes she said, I think she meant, “Is she the same Anna I saw on TV?”

I then replied, [I am] Anna.

She smiled at me.

I was shocked and told her to leave.

After that, I asked the other woman if she would like to come over and play with me, which she did.

Now, Anna is very friendly and loves to talk.

I had a lot more fun talking to her than talking to the person sitting at my table.

In this scene, Anna can be seen holding a cup and drinking a cupful of coffee.

My next stop was the nearby Lakefront Apartments, located at the intersection of Lake Shore Drive and Lake View Drive.

A very different resident was sitting in his apartment, waiting for a bus.

Later that day, I went over to a nearby park to check on a few things.

I saw that there were two people playing games on their phones.

The first person was holding a smartphone.

Anna was playing video games with her boyfriend in the other room.

She had her phone on the table.

I told her that I was there to check something.

She looked at me and said, “[We are] not playing games.”

I replied with, “We are, Anna.”

She replied that she was.

She went over and picked up the phone and went into her bedroom.

We then went over there to have some more conversation.

Anna came back and told me that her boyfriend was sleeping in her bed.

“Anna, what’s wrong?”

I said.

She told me her boyfriend’s name was Justin.

Her boyfriend then said to her, “[What are you] doing here?”

I responded, “[I am]” He then told her, “(You have] been sleeping in my bed all day.”

Anna replied, “[No, I don’t have anything to do with it.”

I said, [Then] you have been sleeping on my bed.

“She said, “(Then) you are going to have to sleep with me.

“Anna then told me, [That’s] why I’m here.

She added, “[But] I don’t want you to have your boyfriend’s phone on your bed all the time.”

I asked Anna if she wanted to go out to the park.

She was surprised and said yes, but only if she could be on

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