This is what it feels like to live in an apartment with cats

If you live in Gainesville, Florida, you’ve probably heard the term “pets friendly apartment” a few times.

It refers to an apartment or housing unit that’s “pet friendly” or “home to pets,” and it means that the apartments or housing units have some sort of “pet-friendly” rules.

One of the main ways pets can be accepted into an apartment is by having the unit equipped with a leash or a collar.

There are also rules regarding when and where pets can roam in the apartment, such as when the apartment is closed or when guests can’t access the apartment.

However, a recent study suggests that pets don’t always make the cut when it comes to living in pet-friendly apartments.

One study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin, published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that only 29 percent of pet-owning households surveyed had pet-specific rules.

That means that of the 1,093 households surveyed, only 19 percent of the households with pets were dog-friendly.

The researchers also found that most pet-owners surveyed were renters who are also renters, and only 15 percent of renters were dog owners.

However with the advent of pet friendly housing, it’s likely that this number will be significantly higher.

“I think it’s a really important thing to get people to think about pet-owner expectations and to make sure people understand that it is possible to live with a dog,” said study author Daniela J. Dominguez, a professor of economics at UT Austin.

Domesay, the study’s co-author, said she thinks pet-free apartments will make living with pets more comfortable for people, but the study also found a number of reasons that might make pets more popular with renters.

“It’s not that people have the intention of owning pets, but people have an intention of living with animals, and when they have a dog or cats in their home they want to be able to socialize with them and they want a lot of companionship,” she said.

The study found that pet-loving renters were more likely to report that they had been to the veterinarian to get a vet’s opinion on whether their pet was a good fit for their apartment, and that pet owners also reported more frequent visits to the vet for medical care.

Additionally, the renters were also more likely than owners to report spending more time in the home and more time on the phone with their pets.

“The study showed that the number of pets per renter increased with the number [of pets], so it’s probably more important that renters want to have pets in their apartment,” Domingos said.

Domsay also said that there’s more research that’s needed to understand the exact reasons why pet-friendliness isn’t a major factor in renters’ decision to live at home with pets.

One major reason that people might not consider pet-related amenities a major part of living at home is because pet owners are often looking to add extra security to their homes, she said, but it’s also because people don’t typically consider pets to be “safe” and that people aren’t always sure what constitutes a safe space.

“People might say, ‘I don’t know if it’s safe, I just like dogs, but I’ll give it a try,'” Domesays said.

“But what if you know you have a pet and you feel unsafe, what if people are in a dangerous situation?”

That is why the study looked at the effects of pet owner expectations on pet-positive landlords, and what that could mean for renters.

The findings were interesting, but not as surprising as Domingoes previous research, she noted.

“We did look at how landlords’ expectations are related to renters’ perceptions of their properties.

They have different expectations depending on whether they live in a pet-oriented or pet-rescue environment.

In pet-based environments, landlords are more likely [to] expect a dog- and cat-rescued home to be a safe environment.

If you’re looking for the ‘right’ pet-recovery shelter, a pet rescue is a much better bet,” Domes said.

But when it came to pet-safe properties, Domingues found that owners of pet focused properties are also more than likely to expect pets to live within their homes.

“What is even more interesting is that people who have pet-focused properties are less likely to have an issue with pets,” she added.

Dosing The study, which involved surveying more than 5,000 people across four states, showed that people in pet focused homes were more than twice as likely to be satisfied with the safety of their pets as owners of more traditional pet-residential properties.

The difference was significant enough that even though pet-centric properties were associated with lower satisfaction levels, owners of the more traditional housing types were still significantly more likely (47 percent)

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