San Jose apartment complex, apartments, senior apartments: The story of an old building

San Jose, Calif.

— The story behind the history of an older San Jose building that has changed hands many times, and in some ways been forgotten.

The story has been a subject of interest for generations of locals, and it is one that is rarely told in the media.

In a new article published by The San Jose Mercury News, the San Jose Planning Department and City of San Jose unveiled a new look at the San José Apartments at 1-101 San Jose St., and a new, detailed architectural report.

In an interview with The San Francisco Chronicle, Planning Director Mark Krikorian said he wanted to highlight the history and heritage of the buildings and their history.

“The historic significance of the building itself has never been discussed,” he said.

“But this project aims to do just that.”

The project, called the Mission San Jose Historic Design Project, will provide a more complete, up-to-date history of the San Francisco Mission District and its buildings.

It is the first time the city has made an architectural plan for the Mission District.

“This project will provide an unprecedented level of detail, historical accuracy and context for the public to see,” said Krikorians.

“It’s important to us that the history be known.

The public should be able to know what really happened at the Mission in the 1950s and 1960s and the influence that Mission built into our culture and how it has shaped the lives of all our residents, not just the ones who lived in Mission.”

The original Mission Street building was built in 1906, and was one of the oldest buildings in San Francisco.

Its original plan called for a mixed-use building, but was abandoned due to fire in the late 1960s.

The Mission was a mixed neighborhood, with restaurants, shops and apartments.

In 1977, the Mission Street Historic District Board voted to move the historic buildings from the Mission to the Mission East and to replace them with apartments.

The buildings were rebranded as San Jose and the Mission and renamed the San Miguel and San José.

The San Miguel project had been planned for more than a decade, but due to budget cuts, the project was delayed.

The design team was working on the design for the new Mission Street buildings, but the project fell through due to budgetary issues.

“Our plan was to finish the design, but we were not able to do it,” said architect James H. Brown.

The original plan had been for the buildings to be on the west side of the Mission, on the corner of San Miguel Avenue and South Mission Street.

However, in 2006, the city of San Francisco moved the building into the Mission.

After the design was finalized, the new design team moved the buildings south of the intersection of San Pablo Avenue and Mission Street, and the plan called on the old building to be replaced by the Mission at South Mission and San Miguel.

However the design team said they did not know what to do with the old Mission Street site.

They said they were unsure if they could keep the old structure, but if they did, the building would be demolished.

“We were all kind of frustrated that we could not complete the project, but I think the new plan is a very smart way to start,” said Brown.

In order to complete the plan, the design committee developed a detailed architectural plan.

They used three major sources: architectural drawings, an aerial photograph of the old buildings, and historical documents.

The aerial photograph shows the original Mission building, the old parking lot, and a portion of the parking lot.

The historic documents show the Mission building at the corner where it now stands, and then the parking structure.

The architectural drawings show the new buildings on the south side of Mission Street and the old site, and show the building with its parking structure and building on the northwest corner.

The documents also show the area around the building, which was the area where the Mission had its former residential buildings.

The architects and the designers did not have a lot of experience with the Mission site, but they knew that they had to take the buildings with the existing parking structure to the site of the new project.

The new project will be completed by 2019.

The project is a collaboration between the San Mateo-based architecture firm of Voorhees, Davis, and Brown, and architectural firm of Skidmore, Owings, Merrill, Shapiro and Rosati.

The firm was selected to design the project because of its expertise in urban design and urban planning.

The City of California is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of historic structures in San Jose.

The mission district is home to many Mission buildings, including the historic Mission Staircase, the Museum of the City of Los Angeles, the historic City Hall, and other buildings.

“To have the opportunity to partner with a San Francisco firm to create a new design, in this instance with the architect James Brown, who is known for his unique and dynamic style, is an incredible opportunity to bring

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