Why are you looking at oak hill apartment?

The apartment complex is located in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the heart of the state’s oil and gas fields.

A large portion of the complex is filled with office space, including a large conference room that houses a large number of conference rooms and conference tables.

The complex has been built with a variety of uses, including offices, apartments, condos, and a gym.

We decided to take a look at the buildings housing the offices and found some interesting details to share.1.

There is a large balcony with two large beds.2.

There are two separate bedrooms.3.

There’s a large kitchen.4.

There was a large living area with a fire pit and fire escape.5.

There has a small living area in the back.6.

There appears to be a garage.7.

There may be a storage area in front.8.

There could be a large storage area inside.9.

There have been numerous openings in the kitchen.10.

There might be a small storage area at the back of the building.11.

There appear to be two stairwells.12.

There seems to be an air conditioning unit at the end of the stairwell.13.

There were multiple windows in the hallway.14.

There also appears to have been a small area in between the two kitchens.15.

There seem to be some sort of metal frame covering the living room.16.

There appeared to be multiple holes in the floor.17.

There should be a fire escape in the living area.18.

There would appear to have a fire exit on the second floor.19.

There needs to be at least one exit from the basement.20.

There does not appear to exist a garage in the complex.21.

There aren’t any parking spots in the building, and there is a parking lot nearby.22.

There seemed to be holes in one of the walls in the bathroom.23.

There did not appear a parking spot in the rear of the house.24.

There isn’t a garage or storage area behind the building where there would normally be.25.

There doesn’t appear to fit any signage or any type of code that could indicate that the building is for a private use.26.

There had a small amount of trash on the floor of the hallway that was a little odd.27.

There weren’t any signs of a living area that could be used to store anything.28.

There didn’t appear any signs that indicated that the property was a hotel.29.

There wasn’t any signage indicating that the unit was for a hotel, but there were several signs indicating that it was a single-family home.30.

There looked like a small garage or a storage unit, but nothing was visible from inside.31.

There showed a sign that said “No smoking” and the sign was not labeled with any type, color, or location of the sign.32.

There hadn’t been any signs for a garage at all in the area.33.

There don’t appear many signs of the garage or garage storage, although there did appear to one on the building’s facade.34.

There looks like there was a small parking space behind the living space, but no signs for the storage.35.

There shouldn’t be any signs at all indicating that this property is for private use, but it appears to fit a certain kind of private use that we’re talking about.36.

There certainly should be signs indicating the amount of storage, and perhaps even an address on the property.37.

There must be at at least two entrances to the complex for the owner to have access to the living and the offices.38.

There wouldn’t be a way for a resident to walk up the stairs to access the living areas, which seems odd considering that the stairway to the building was located on the first floor.39.

There definitely would not be a stairway for the tenant to get to the main living area, and it was very difficult to walk through the building without stumbling and having to climb up the building or jump up to a different floor.40.

There needed to be signage indicating where the units were, as there was not any signage at all for the units.41.

There clearly weren’t a lot of windows on the walls or windows in between, which could have led to an issue with ventilation.42.

There likely didn’t have a sign for a living room or a garage on the exterior of the unit, which would have made the area very difficult for a tenant to use.43.

There no signs that would indicate a garage to the unit’s front door.44.

There most likely wasn’t a storage space behind either the living or the offices, but we are sure that there would have been some storage space that the tenants would be able to access, and if they had a garage that could store the cars that were parked in the parking lot, that would have provided a way to access those vehicles

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