What is ‘apartment building’ in Israel?

A housing development has become the latest example of a new way of living in Israel, as the country opens its borders to refugees.

The housing development, named the Lincan Tower, is located in a suburb of Tel Aviv and is being developed by developer AltaVista, which was founded in 2014 and is headed by two former Israeli soldiers, the former military director of the IDF and the former head of the military operations planning office at the Prime Minister’s Office.

The project is being built on land confiscated from Palestinians, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The development is expected to produce between 400 and 600 new homes, the newspaper reported.

The Lincans development, which has already been completed in the Tel Aviv suburb of Yishuv, is part of a wider trend in Israel to create housing for the needy and refugees, and to open the country’s borders to them.

According to Israel’s Housing Ministry, around 80 percent of Israeli residents are in need of subsidized housing.

The country has an average annual cost of housing for its population of $4,000, according the Israel National Housing Fund.

The current median price of a home in Israel is $3,400, according AltaCista.

The company is aiming to have the project up and running by 2018.

“We are creating an alternative to existing housing in Israel,” AltaZine’s CEO, Gideon Elkin, told the Jerusalem Times.

“The LINCAN is a place where people who want to live in peace can choose.”

He added: “We have to be prepared to take care of the people who are in our country.”

According to the Israeli Ministry of Housing, between 30,000 and 50,000 Palestinians live in Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, of which about 10,000 are in the Lincoln Ne area.

In 2017, the Israeli government announced plans to expand the countrys housing system, including to include refugees, who have been living in Israeli territory for decades.

The government plans to build 4.2 million housing units over the next five years.

The Israeli Housing Ministry also announced plans for the construction of a Palestinian town on the outskirts of Tel-Aviv, which is the main settlement in the Negev Desert, the Negeri Hashomerim, the northernmost Israeli territory.

The new settlement, dubbed El-Aqsa, will be located in the area that is currently home to a number of illegal outposts, such as the settlements of Ariel, Efrat and Beit El.

According the Jerusalem Daily newspaper, El- Aqsa is slated to be built on roughly 600 acres of land, which would be the largest in the country.

El-Qasr will be home to roughly 50,500 residents, who will be able to move freely in the new settlement.

According, the project will be funded by Israeli taxpayers and will be the first project in the history of the Jewish state to be financed by the Jewish Agency.

“The goal is to bring an end to the occupation and establish a Jewish state for all people,” said Israel Housing Minister Uri Ariel.

The construction will be financed through the Jewish Fund, which provides some 1.4 billion shekels ($20 million) in subsidies annually.

The program, which comes in addition to the government’s “resettlement assistance” programs, has also provided housing for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians displaced by the Gaza War in 2014.

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