How a Delhi-based architect got a Rs 200 crore apartment building built in his backyard

Delhi- based architect Suresh Kumar (40) got a $200 million apartment building from a developer in his yard in Delhi’s suburban Panchkula area.

The apartment building, called RK-A2, is built on an 18-acre plot, the developer, Prabhjot Singh Bhagwat, told The Hindu.

“We have a lot of funds, and there are many possibilities for it to be built.

But we have to get the financing for it from the government.

We have been working for a while on this project, but the government has been hesitant,” he said.

He added that there was no official project report to the government, nor had the project been approved by the government yet.

“So we are trying to get it approved through our legal team.

But so far, nothing has been approved.

We are trying,” he added.

The RK apartment building has been built on a land which is part of the Panchki Chowk, which has a population of about 20,000 people.

“This land is an ideal location for this apartment building.

It’s very remote from the main highways.

It is very green and the surrounding area is a nature reserve.

It provides a good mix of natural beauty, with lush trees,” Prabhat Singh, a land use expert and a former chief secretary of the city, told this website.

The developer has reportedly offered to take care of the construction work and will be paid in instalments of Rs 200 million.

Bhagwat, however, has declined to confirm that.

“I can’t talk about this.

I will talk to the developer when he returns,” he told The Indian Express.

“But the plan is to build this apartment complex on land which has been allotted to us by the Planning Commission.

This is not a luxury property.

The land is a piece of land in the Paneer Bazar and the land is already used for agriculture,” he explained.

“Our intention is to keep this property and the apartments in Panchka Chowk as our heritage.

The Panchkhars is very close to the city and we are a very close-knit community, so there is a sense of belonging here,” he elaborated.

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