Apartment rental market in Meridian apartments is booming

Meridian apartments are booming with demand from local residents.

The Meridian apartments in Springfield mo are the most popular rental properties in the market and a growing number of people are choosing to live in them.

“We’re seeing a really strong rental market for apartments in Meridian and other parts of the state, and we’re seeing lots of new apartments being built in Meridian in the last year or two,” said Andrew Larkin, Meridian’s regional managing director.

“I think people are looking for a place to live, particularly after moving out of a house they haven’t been living in for a while.”

A lot of the new apartments we’re finding are much more compact, smaller and have larger bedrooms, and that’s something we’re looking to attract more people to Meridian and around the state.

“But not everyone is finding the new homes comfortable.

One Meridian resident, who asked not to be named, said the apartments were cramped, with only a small kitchen, shower and living room.”

It’s not exactly the best, but the apartments are a little bit better than what you would get in a house, or even a rental,” she said.”

But we’re not going to live there for a long time, I think it’s going to be a struggle for us.

“In a bid to help alleviate the housing crisis, the state is investing $1 billion in new homes, and $250 million over five years to upgrade and renovate existing properties.”

The $1.5 billion that’s going towards Meridian is going towards the Meridian apartments, and the rest is going to come from the state government’s general fund, which will be spent on infrastructure,” Mr Larkin said.

The state is also introducing new programs to help ensure the new housing comes at a good price, including a new “Fair Deal” program which will offer up to $150,000 in home equity loans to Meridian residents who buy an existing Meridian home for $2,500.

But Meridian has been hit hard by the global financial crisis, which has pushed prices up and left many people struggling to pay rent.”

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We’ve got a very small number of Meridian residents that have been paying the rent, and I think we need to make sure that we help those people, and also we need a lot of new housing to support Meridian, and for people that have left Meridian.”

Topics:housing-industry,rental-and-lease-to-home,market-and.biz-economics-and/finance,housing,meridians-state-issues,prince-park,woolworths-barn-2870Contact John DyerMore stories from Victoria

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